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Substance use and process addiction treatment that focuses on healthy connection to ourselves and our most important others.

A ‘whole person’ approach

Treating the person, not just the symptoms

We are invested in the creation of recovery solutions that work for each client and their family.  We support clients to reconnect to themselves and their important others, heal underlying issues, and build the skills and self-worth they need to create lasting change.

We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms of addiction. Treatment plans are highly individualized. The manifestation and development of alcohol and drug problems involve a complex combination of biological, psychological, and sociological factors that are unique to each individual.

We focus on solutions, strengths, balance, repair, and health. We expose clients to meaningful therapeutic experiences and new skills for living so that solutions emerge from within the client and family system.

Clients create relevant recovery experiences from the inside-out, that can be relied upon in future moments of need.

Family healing

Healing the damage of substance use and process addiction for every family member.

A family systems approach

Recover and reconnect together

We specialize in the systemic treatment of substance use and process addiction because we know how damaging it is to relationships. It affects the family as a whole, fracturing connection, communication, and security.

Similarly, relationships hold great power to support and maintain lasting change. Our staff team is skilled at helping clients and family members to find new ways of relating that sustain recovery and connection.

Where it is healthy and relevant, we engage partners, parents, children and loved ones in treatment.

Research shows that involving partners and family members improves retention, reduces the risk of relapse, and improves family, emotional, and social functioning.

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Complete treatment

Integrated treatment

A body-based approach

Substance use and process addictions exert a long and powerful influence on the brain, affecting its structure, function, and reward-related learning.

In addition, the body as a whole is affected by addiction, changing its chemistry, immune system functioning, and metabolism.

We take a holistic approach that includes education and practical skills to support clients through the process of physical recovery.

These include meditation, mindfulness, emotional regulation skills, nutrition, yoga, and physical relaxation techniques.