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Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy Services

Therapy for individual clients

At The Center for Connection, Healing, and Change, we provide individual therapy services to clients who have concerns about their relationship with substances or processes (gambling, internet, sex, relationships, spending, gaming) but do not require the intensive support of a structured program.

Following an in-depth assessment, we help you design a plan for addressing the issues that underlie your use or process behaviors. We focus on effective coping skills, emotional healing, and healthy relationships as the cornerstones of meaningful living.

We can include holistic approaches to improve mind-body connection in our work, including mindfulness, meditation instruction, and yoga.


Couples therapy

Connection, communication, security

We work with couples where one or both partners have concerns about their relationship with substances and/or processes.

Satisfying love relationships are the greatest protection we have against self-medication. When our relationship experiences distress, the pain this creates is hard to tolerate.

Whether you fight about the same issues over and over, find yourselves struggling to repair a relationship injury, or want to feel more valued by your partner, we know how to help.

We offer Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, a model proven to be effective at supporting couples to create a secure and satisfying emotional connection, particularly where substance use or process addiction may be a concern.

Become more open with each other and clear about how to meet each others needs. Repair unresolved hurts or breaches in trust.  Create lasting ways of relating that make your relationship feel like your favorite place to be.


Family Therapy

Protect your family bond

Families are the place where children learn how valuable and worthy they are in the world. They teach kids how to trust, communicate their needs, and feel secure.

If you are a caregiver or parent and have concerns about your relationship with substance use or processes, we are here to help.

We also work with parents who have already been through a treatment program and are looking to strengthen or repair their family relationships.

Together, we work to address your family’s emotional struggles and the impact that substance use or processes may be having on your relationship with each other. We support family members to be accessible, responsive and engaged with each other throughout this process.

We also help families to interact with each other in ways that open up communication, strengthen the family bond, and allow each member to be heard and responded to.