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Family Healing Program

Recover together

Substance use and process addiction are issues that impact the entire family system. We intentionally treat the whole family, including partners, parents, siblings and children. Our goal is to support clients, and their loved ones, to permanently heal the physical, emotional, and relational damage of addiction.

We understand the helplessness, anxiety, and resentment that addiction can generate in relationships. This stress can create additional issues such as physical illness, depression, and low self-worth. Our Family Healing Program is designed to support anyone who cares for someone living with substance use to deal with its effects, and learn how to live in recovery.

The Family Program offers a range of services including education, individual therapy, couple and family therapy, meditation instruction, and/or Family Healing Groups. Participants learn to focus on their own health and happiness, develop new coping skills, and find new ways of relating that sustain recovery for all.

Family Group

Family-focused services

Repair your important relationships

All of our structured support services offer the opportunity for loved ones to participate. Family Healing services blend education and practical skill building with therapy groups for adult family members, partners, siblings, or supporters.

The Family Healing Group, designed for loved ones of clients completing the Intensive Outpatient Program, focuses on the destructive relationship patterns that families often find themselves repeating, processing of the emotions that maintain these patterns, and how they may be unwittingly supporting the addiction. Group also works on healthy communication, boundary setting, and rebuilding self-worth.

If your loved one is participating in the Recovery Maintenance or Living Programs, there is a Family Recovery Group available on Wednesday evenings. This group offers continued support and focuses on the ongoing work of creating health and happiness from the inside-out.

It challenges loved ones to remain dedicated to their personal growth, maintaining healthy boundaries and open communication. It also offers a deeper dive into the creation of meaningful and secure relationships.

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Family Therapy

Couple and Family Therapy

Restore your connection

At a time in treatment that is relevant and supportive of recovery, clients can opt to participate in family therapy sessions with their partners, parents, siblings, children, or important others.

We can also provide stand-alone couple or family therapy for those that have concerns about substance use or addictive patterns of behavior but may not need intensive program support.

Substance use and process addiction often leaves a trail of disconnection, broken trust, and anxiety in relationships. We seek to address these issues as a way of supporting lasting recovery.

Our team of trained couple and family therapists are skilled in helping families to increase closeness, repair hurts, and rebuild trust. Couple or family therapy is often one of the most powerful and important components of the treatment experience, offering hope, insight, and healing.

At The Center for Connection, Healing, and Change, we specialize in the promotion of secure relationships across the lifetime. We can begin this process from as early as pregnancy, working with infants, children, teens, and adults of any age. We work with families of any structure.

Individual healing

Individual Therapy

Enter into your own work of healing

As loved ones enter into their own process of recovery, unresolved issues and hurts often emerge.

We can provide confidential therapy that supports your own work of reconnection to self, healing, and change.

Our staff team has a wide variety of clinical specialisms so we can match you up with a therapist who is skilled at working with the particular issues you face.

We can also provide therapy services to children and teens, helping them to make sense of their emotions and experiences is child-centered ways. Please see our Children and Teens Program page for further information on these services.