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Infant, Child and Teen Healing Program

Age-appropriate care and support

Substance use and process addictions often disrupt the accessibility, responsiveness, and engagement of caregivers. The can greatly impact infants, children and teens, shaping the way they see themselves, loved ones, and the world at large. We focus on healing the whole family and offer services that are specifically designed to meet the needs of infants, children, and teens.

Infants, children and teens can become acutely aware of the ways in which substance use or process addiction changes their caregivers’ behavior, interactions, and emotional responsiveness. They can become vigilant about observing the climate of the home and adapting their behavior accordingly.

They are also vulnerable to feeling they are to blame or responsible for keeping family life together. Substance use and process addiction can create secrecy and loneliness and we seek to remedy this with services that are transparent, safe, and supportive.

Restoring the bond

Repair your relationship

Change their future

At The Center for Connection, Healing and Change, we help parents talk to their children, in age-appropriate ways, about substance use, process addiction and treatment.

Our Infant, Child, and Teen Healing Program aims to help children understand that addiction is not their fault, they didn’t cause it, and they cannot control or cure it.

Where children have become disconnected from themselves and others as a way of coping, it may take practice for them to be able to identify and process their emotions.

Our staff team are trained and experienced at helping infants, children, and teens heal from addiction in the context of their most important relationships.

We also support children to share with their caregiver the impact that addiction has had on them, and how they have been thinking and feeling about it.

We support parents to be accessible, responsive, and engaged during this process. We actively support parents to strengthen and repair the connection between themselves and their child.


Age-appropriate therapy services

Infants, Children, and Teens

The Child and Teen Healing Program offer services that are tailored to meet the age and developmental needs of each child. We work with families where substance use or process addiction may have disrupted the connection with their infant, child, or teen.

We offer play therapy, talk therapy, parenting support, and family therapy. We also offer a range of practical infant-caregiver bonding tools that support parents to feel confident that they are meeting the needs of their baby.

This includes getting to know your baby’s responses to auditory, visual, and social stimuli and the amazing range of tools they have been born with to help them regulate their own emotions and bodily processes.

We also work with the wide range of additional issues that can exist on the inside of children and teens, such as anxiety, depression and loss. We take an holistic approach in our work with children, helping them to reconnect with their wholeness and resiliency.